Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Box Art Puzzles!

I ran across a neat web site with software to make your own puzzles. I thought what better to use than BOX ART? I luckin' fove box art and who doesn't?

Please share the link!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The way things were

It's undeniable that most of us antique freaks love to reminisce over things we remember from childhood and throughout our lives that have changed so drastically.
If you bring up smoking , someone will start talking about how it was allowed to smoke in grocery stores and doctors offices. If an old car drives by you can't help but to say "they don't make em' like that anymore".
What is it that connects you to the things you collect or sell? What stories can you think of that hold dear to your heart? Would it be your grandma wearing an apron around the house cooking pies all day? Or would it be the smell of pipe tobacco that seemed to drift in the air from your neighbor?

I can think of so many things, but one of the things that sticks out the most to me is the way kids used to be. What it was like being a kid before the internet, before video games, before paintball and insane sports. Even in MY younger days as a child, people were so much more active with family and friends. I remember how the telephone or writing a letter was the only way to communicate with long distance friends and relatives. Most people wrote letters as long distance at the time was expensive! Now days, not many people have a wall or desk phone. Cell phones are in nearly every pocket, bag or purse. Even kids have them! My kid has one. It feels like everyone's lives revolve around their computers and cell phones. Is it true? Yeah it is somewhat. You can do anything with internet, other than hug someone, smell a flower, eat the food you see and so on. I don't know about you, but I sure miss the days when family or friends came over to sit on our porch in the evening to talk and watch cars drive by. I would take that back any day!
As a child before the internet, I rode my bike to my friends houses to see if they were home. I didn't call, not all of my friends had telephones and they just weren't used by "kids" so much back then. If I was lucky enough to find someone to hang out and play with, we did things that required work. Most all my friends liked to ride bikes and build dirt jumps or some type of course to ride on. If we didn't ride bikes, we would walk to the local ballpark and watch baseball games on the sidelines where the fence was. A lot of times someone would offer us a drink or hot dog. Do they still offer things like that to kids these days? I doubt it....we are very careful who we talk to these days. We are so careful, that we are accustomed to ignoring strangers walking by, simply pointing our eyes away or looking down. That actually bugs me. Does it bug you? I prefer to keep my head up and look at people in the eye when walking by, saying hi or hello and maybe smile and nod. That's how I grew up. We are losing the "goodness" in our lives that we so much want to have back when we reminisce like this.
I hang onto old things from my past because they remind me of how simple things seemed to be and how much nicer strangers were to each other. It just seems that's how it used to be. Or is it that as you get older , the more you realize and life is one big complication? If that's true, then that's why I miss the old days.....the days before I knew how cruel and impersonal this world really is. I hope that's not the case!
I think I have a pretty kind heart. I am forgiving. I forgive everyone for their fears and ignorance, so next time you see me.....won't you smile and say hello? :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Site Exposure

Getting web site exposure can make or break your business in this day and age. I don't run a business online, but I get plenty of exposure. My web site(s) are among the most popular in the world for model car building. I provide free services to the whole hobby and everyone in it. Doing this and providing service that has never been supplied over the internet has landed my site(s) among the highest , probably the most visited model car hobby sites in the world. Though I don't make money off my site(s), I have enough visitors to start a business and be successful at it quite easily. If it ever came to it, I could sell my domain since it's proven it'self time and again to be desired.
Number one, I have been building an instructions , box art, decals and built box art models archive over the last 7 years. It's so often referred to , through so many web sites that I can do google or any searches and find my name, my models, sites and it still amazes me!
I keep my photos on and host them on my site(s) from there. I have been a paying member since 2005. My fotki site is for the use of Drastic Plastics Model Car Club "Gold Members". These are the people who help keep the site(s) paid for each month and year. I can't take total credit for how much traffic we get, afterall they have photos there too and people come to see their models.
The biggest part of the club's fotki site is the instructions, box art etc...reference section. I do take great pride in the work I have done over the years. I am the only one in control of it and I own all site(s) under the name Drastic Plastics, Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale, Low Down Creations, and more.
The model car hobby might actually be pretty small compared to everyhting else going on in the world. I run into people all of the time that didn't know model kits still exist. With that said, it does amaze me that our fotki is among the top 5 most visited in the world every single day! Once in awhile Drastic Plastics Model Car Club is at the very top and that reminds me of all the hard work and all of the people who helped make it possible.....and how much more work is still yet to be done LOL
In order to get site exposure, make sure you are submitted your URL to search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.. When ever you get a chance, tell people about your site. (like I am doing right now) Use sites like craigslist or iantique to share the link to your site and draw attention to it. It does take a little while to get a steady flow of keep in mind, they will not come back if the site is not updated on a regular basis! My fotki gets between 700 and 1,000 visitors a day and that's what keeps it at the top of the list!
My site , is linked 684 times through various web sites and has more than half a million visitors. Really guys and gals...if a "plastic model car" site can be that popular....YOUR site can be also! You can contact similar interest sites and email them to "exchange links" which will help increase traffic also.
Spread the word about iantique every chance you will not only increase membership and visits to this site, but it will also open more chance for you to expose your site(s) and to gain much more! Just by being associated and active here can lead to sales, good buys and new friends!
TIP: Offer something to your visitors that doesn't require money or a lot of "skill" to use. I see a lot of antique and collectible sites offering reference material.
I hope that anything I have said might inspire you and added information to what you already well as made you think more positively about your future on the web. My talking about my sites was mainly to be examples and yes to be able to tell you about it's success. :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monogram the OMG of all the Rod kits!

I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY gotten a box for my built up! I have asked around for about 4 years now and even remind everyone I am looking for one......just a BOX for this kit. I have seen them sell on ebay and I won't pay $30 plus shipping for a freakin' empty box. Here it is, I just scanned the damn thing and it's online for the FIRST time digitally! It took me over an hour in photoshop to splice the two scans together correctly. This box is too big to fit the scanner glass.
This is the first time I noticed discrepencies in art from a kit box. The slight blur in the image below is exactly how the art on the box looks.....I have seen more clear examples but I am NOT bitching....just an observation.

 This is kit #PC257M-298
Now check this out! The other issue without the advertised electric motor has a slightly different box top and kit numbers. I don't have the other one, but after viewing good photos of it I was able to just "crop" mine and viola! I have a scan of the other kit #PC57-198.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

AMT '64 Ford Galaxie 500XL

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow. This is the lid to a kit , no longer with me. Dig that Kandy Kolor!
You just never see anyone build convertible Grand Nationals these days.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From a guy "who was there" (old entry saved)

In the past year or so , there has been a lot of controversy over the term "rat rod". In the modeling world, this is pretty hard to define since a lot of guys that build these "Sewer Dwelling Mammal Rods" , are just ordinary model builders and don't necessarily stick to one style of modeling ,nor have any experience with 1:1 rods. Anyone can throw a '49 Ford together with black primer and red rims and WHAM!, all the sudden a new "rat rod" is born......I tend to disagree with that. I thought to better confirm my thoughts and opinions on this matter, I should ask "a guy who was there". I called on my friend Darryl Gassaway, who was born back in the day and was raised around the real thing in California. Darryl has pretty strong feelings about this as any real rodder would!Bob B.- Darryl, I would like to know your opinion on hot rod modeling. Since you were there, please tell me your opinion on "rat rods"?Darryl G.- Rat Rods, are they good or bad for the hobby?I know my stand on the issue of "Rat Rods" may not be popular, but it is based on the fact that I grew up in Southern California during the 50's and 60's and saw the real thing. The people that build rat rods think they are reliving a part of history, but in reality they are living a lie. They have developed a lifestyle that never existed. Yes, the guys wore levis and had cigarette packs rolled up in their sleeves of their T shirts or in their socks and yes, some even had a few tats, but that's where it ends. The girls have gone off the deep end with the tattoos and strange makeup.When it comes to the cars they really missed the boat. Yes, there were many unfinished cars on the road, but they were just that, unfinished. They were never intended to be left in bare metal or primer as a matter of fact they were never left in bare metal overnight because they would rust. Early rat rods were daily drivers that were projects in work. Yes, most were built with junkyard parts because that wasall that the owner's could afford. In those days owning a car was something special. Most families were lucky to have one car and if a kid in high school managed to own a car it was because he worked to buyit.That's where the rat rod look was born. Everyone wanted to have a cool ride so they started modifying their cars as soon as they got them. Engine modifications were expensive, but not unheard of. A trip to the local junkyard provided the car owner with inexpensive parts to hop up the engine. Body work was another thing all together. Fenders were removed in many cases, roofs chopped in some and forthe truly adventurous bodies were channeled. All of this took time and time was something that wasn't available when the car was a daily driver. This meant there were many cars in primer that were on the road.The attitude of the owners was different as well, they wanted their cars to look good not hideous. No self respecting car builder left weld seams showing, left rusted out body panels or drive his car without the protection of primer over bare metal. Their cars were their pride and joy and every cent they had went into making their car the best it could be. Every time I see a steel body hacked up to make one of today's rat rods I want to cry. It's one thing to make a hot rod, but quite another to make a P.O.S. onpurpose.When it comes to model building I've heard people say it's harder to make an accurate modern rat rod than a shinny hot rod, to that I say "no way". The products to make rusty bodies and weld seams have been available for all modelers to use for years. Has the rat rod fad been good for model car building? That question has yet to be answered, but it has gotten people building. Unlike most of therecent modeling fads I don't see rat rod building adding to the number of builders. Lowriders and tuners brought many younger builders to the hobby. As their modeling skills improved many graduated to other styles of model car building. Here in Southern California where the lowrider fad was started I see manymodelers who originally built lowriders now building customs, hot rods and even race cars. They learned how to build first then took what they learned to other types of models. I have never seen someone who wasn't a modeler first make a rat rod. As I see it building a rat rod is something you do when you want to do a quicky build where you don't have to spend hours detailing and polishing.There is one thing good about rat rod building, it keeps some modelers who otherwise wouldn't be building models building. Just like the 1:1 builders I think it's a waste of good plastic to take a perfectly good body and ruin it by going over the edge with body modifications. The only thing I have to say about rat rods is this fad too will pass and become less popular. Personally I can't wait for the day.Bob B.- Darryl, thank you for your time in responding. I see that , even though we are about 3 generations apart, we see pretty much the same thing. I don't know if i would call myself a true hot rodder....but true hot rods are what i like. I have to say one thing about rusted rods though...."in progress builds are cool, but taking something outside of automotive parts like a 5gallon bucket and using it for a seat just to see how "low buck" you can make your pretty lame."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monogram's Green Hornet

I am getting into the restoration of this puppy and when I thought to check my site for the instructions and the box art of course...(for painting reference), I couldn't believe I never scanned it so here it is!

Update: I have finished the build of this car!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Monogram's Big '55 Cadillac

I wonder where the molds are for this one? I have never seen one in person until now and the car has to be about 1/16 scale! Bigass Caddy! I love the box art and will scan it again sometime in the near future....since this one doesn't look as good as it could.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aurora '39 La Salle Hearse kit no. 553-79 (79 was the price)

I sold this one recently and thought it would be cool to post. It's not the easiest 1/32 scale kit to come across in an "unbuilt" state. The box art is actually the best part in my opinion. Check out the looks on their faces, the art really tells a story about the times. People need to relax more these days.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need to finish

This isn't all of them....but damnit I need to finish some models or this is a pointless waste of time for me!
Ok mental note....Bob, finish these up this year please!

Two brain twisters Monogram 1970's Drag

I have always come to a dead end brain fart when trying to remember the names to either of these kits when discussions arise. I don't know's probably because they are so similar in style and looks of the boxes. In any event, these early 70's kits are still pretty much a TRaKable product that could be shown on Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale forums. They just cut the mark with the parts being borderline 1969-1970 and possibly 1968.
Two things stand out as the 1970's on these in my eyes.
Son of Ford's wheels and tires...fat tires and the star mags were so far ahead of their time! They look like something you could buy today even. With that said, I don't see them as being "tradition" since I doubt hardly anyone had them and those who did weren't running them on streetable hot rods.
The Boss A Bone is a direct descendant of the Monogram Blue Beetle '29 Ford RPU. The differences being wheels, engine options and the BAB has them nerf/bumpers. It's still a desirable kit and even has scuba gear like the Blue Beetle had.
What doesn't cut the traditional standards are the front tires , laker pipes and well....the overall styling is dead on 1970. Remember I am speaking traditon on a TRaK level. Traditonal is really 1965 and older.

TRaKable or one anyways, they are both cool!


This is one of the hardest kits to find and easily one of the most expensive. The hard part is finding one that is complete and restorable or unbuilt. The last mint one I saw sell for $500 on ebay. Ridiculous! I know it's hard to find, but shit ... it's a MODEL KIT! Ok calming down....I know there are "collectors" out there that just jizz all over themselves for these things. I am a builder, so I won't be paying anywhere near that for one.
There are at least two resin casters doing parts of this kit and one is doing the whole kit. They are even over $100.00 and I ain't payin' that much for a freakin' resin kit either. Resin can be nice for certain things, but for a whole kit....heck with that, I need styrene in the mix!
Ode to one of the coolest show rods that still reigns as a traditionaly styled hot rod in my book.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AMT '64 Chevy

Here is the coolest art done for this car IMHO. This kit had seperate headlight lenses from the grille which is a HUGE bonus for appearances. Too bad some didn't realize it when it was available. :-0
Kit #T222-200

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Monogram Little T PC92-170

I just sold this one recently, so I scanned it before it's departure. I don't know about you, but I like this art better than the first issue! (PC92-149)
As always, it's my pleasure to offer digital scans of the rare moldy oldies for the FIRST time EVER online!

Check out the rest of the box and instructions here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Auction June 5th and 9th Ashland, Nebraska

Well I had enough. Check those dates, go to the auction and buy! The stuff had to go and I am glad to have the space now.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am so tired...

Of starting new projects! I just looked at all of the projects I started in the last few years and it just makes me sick. There are 52 and most likely more than that. I know others have much more and I am not alone in this tragedy. When is enough, ENOUGH? I am at my witts end with this problem. I got this way several years ago when I only had 11 models unfinished and decided to make a marathon run to finish them all. I did finish them ALL before starting anything else and it felt great!
What makes it easier , is the fact some of them are almost done and it's merely down to small details or just foil work. It's been one hell of a struggle for me in the last year. I seriously want to build and well finding the time is one thing....I have a family that needs me and well, there is more to life than just models. With that said, I still have to remind that I have plans to build much of the stock I have before it's "my time" idea when that will be, but it's something I want to enjoy while I am here.
I made up my mind to do something. I am going to seriously take a look at my kits and parts and everything else......decide what exactly I believe I will use during this lifetime and the rest is going up for sale! That's it!
My kids will inherit what I have at my departure, but I can't keep all this crap's literally exhausting and depressing to look at.
I remember when I was a kid and had less than 20 models during a certain point and every single one was built. I could not afford to buy kits, so I would take them apart, swap parts and rebuild them just for the satisfaction. Remembering back to that, it makes no sense to have so many models as all it does for me is overwhelm my motivation.

Update: June 1st.
I have made a little progress in this mission. I have sold several kits and still plan to sell some more. There is so much going on , it's overwhelming at times.... I just can't wait until it's over with and we can (my family) get back to normal and enjoy life the way we all should!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 releases by Round2 AMT

I have not yet seen one for sale, so I am not sure if they are out yet? I want one, I's supposed to have the kustom parts and them Cadillac Sombrero's, so why not? Box art done by Brad Leisure!
From Round2's site.

1962 Ford Thunderbird

Item No: AMT682
Release Date: April 2011
Ford’s instantly recognizable 60s T-Bird design has been accurately and impressively captured in 1/25th scale AMT tooling. Now, for the first time ever, the kit will include previously unreleased custom parts for a deluxe 2 in 1 model that builders and collectors will not be able to resist!
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in white, plus clear and chrome parts with black vinyl tires
    • Modern generation kit engineering
    • Deluxe 2 in 1 format with multiple building options
    • All new custom parts included
    • Retro styled packaging"
Don't forget to stop at their site, we have to keep people informed of what's going on! If ya don't tell other are not helping the hobby! *guilt trip no charge*

And check this out! (keep in mind I intend to talk about just the stuff I like personally)
They are bringing the TALL T back! Man this is great news!

1925 Ford “Tall T”

Item No: AMT670
Release Date: July 2011
They said it couldn’t be done, but AMT is proving them wrong again! Not available since 1975, the classic 1925 Ford “Tall T” is being reissued in its original Trophy Series format. Build 2 complete cars with this value-packed “Double Kit”.
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in white, plus clear, clear purple and chrome parts
    • Includes stock height “Tall T” hardtop body
    • Build two complete cars
    • Pad-printed vinyl tires and slicks
    • Stock, street or strip building options
    • Original 60s packaging"

Also promised is this 1950 Chevrolet Pickup with Texaco decals and the killer box art done by Brad Leisure.

1950 Chevrolet “Texaco” 3100 Pickup

Item No: AMT679
Release Date: May 2011
AMT Is Bringing Back The 1950 Chevy Truck! AMT reintroduces the popular 1/25 scale 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup with Texaco appeal. With new optional parts, like the “push bumper” and roof/fender flasher lights, this kit is sure to be a big hit for all the serious and novice collectors alike.
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in white, plus chrome and clear parts
    with black vinyl tires
    • New Optional Roof/Fender Flasher Lights and Front "Push Bumper"
    • Genuine Texaco Decals
    • Super Detailed
    • Vintage Texaco Packaging"


Revell 2011 promises

Looks like this year is going to be great at the hobby shops! Well it depends on your could be high prices, but at least some good stuff will be on the shelves! I will be watching ebay for the good deals.
Revell is still on a roll with bringing back cool old kits! Among their 2011 releases are two kits that I just so happen to be looking for. Seriously, I have been looking for both of these kits on ebay and just haven't bought either due to ridiculous prices from "less than smart" sellers. Orange Crate is still pretty well available as it was released not that many years ago and it's so common..yet sellers want $40 or so for it. Tweedy Pie II is pretty easy to find, but to find the original version you have to wait every few days or a few times a month to find one and when there is one, it's not complete, the box is shot or something is wrong and just NOT worth the price they are asking. I wish some sellers would realize a buyer like me isn't going to shell out $60 for a kit if it's less than fair....I need a decent box...some kits I build like the box art and display the build and the box together in photos and in my home. Bad boxes....not too appealing.
Anyway, enough about me!
Check for these two awesome kits by this fall and ask your hobby shop to order them!
Revell Tweedy Pie #85-4922 formerly kit number H1286-198

Revell Orange Crate #85-4939 formerly kit number H1282

It wasn't all that long ago that Rod & Custom magazine did an artile on Tweedy Pie and Rodder's Journal also did an article with some very nice images of Orange Crate. The reference is "out there" if you want to build them. Both kits have awesome parts to rob. *wink*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey, I just found a link to Spotlight Hobbies from Coffin Corner about this new parts pack. I hardly get over to SH, so it was a good thing it was posted on CC. This is an awesome idea and YES I want a bunch! Just look at the red stripe whitewall, that's bitchin'!
Posted by Tom the owner of Spotlight hobbies.
This is still in the planning stages, and your comments are welcome. No release date or price has been established, but they would try to keep it under $10.00.
The pack would contain 4 pairs of the retooled "pie crust" slicks, each with a different pad-print style as follows:
1. Racemaster Dragster lettering
2. Whitewall with Racemaster Dragster lettering
3. Wide whitewall
4. EXCLUSIVE TO THE PARTS PACK: Whitewall with red pinstripe
Style 4 will never be found in a kit, it can only be obtained by buying the parts pack.
If you want these to become a reality, tell your hobby shop or supplier to order "AMTPP001 MH Racemaster Tire Parts Pack"

UPDATE- 05-19-11
I called Hobbytown USA in La Vista, Nebraska  and asked them to order these. They have no idea about them and don't have a part number in their system to verify. If we are to call and ask our LHS to order these, need to update? I want at least 3 of these parts packs.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Highly anticipated kits coming soon!

Let's not forget with all of the hub bub about OBL on tv and the crazy gas prices.....we have TWO brand new kits coming out real soon! The two cars have really drawn a crowd of interest and many promises of sales beyond just buying "one". Moebius Models has decided to dip into the automotive section and offer up two cars that have never before been released in styrene kit form.
Visit their site

I want them both, least two of each. I love Hudson's and the 300 is just icing on the cake of COOL!
As a real vintage box art lover, I have to say they did them both justice, even though the 300 is much more convincing. More to come when I get my inspiration photos together!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rik Hoving Custom Car Photo Archive

By now, if you haven't seen Rik's fotki site....then you seriously are lost in the custom car world. Rik has been involved in many publications and has been archiving legitimate information from a historical aspect for years. There is no site around that houses as much history and inspiration as Rik's fotki site. It's very well known in the custom car community, even by the people who really built those beauties. Names like George Barris, Gene Winfield and the list goes on....if they are still alive and have access to the internet....they have more than likely heard of  or visit and contributed to this massive archive. Rik travels far and wide to meet people, experience what it's like to be inside famous custom autos as well as record history with his camera. Imagine how cool it would be to sit in the Hirohata Merc! Rik has done it.
Not only is Mr. Hoving involved deeply in the 1:1 scene, but he is also very well known in the small scale model car hobby. He has mastered model car parts for companies like Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland a resin after market company. His attention to detail and "cool" is far exceeding the average modeler's dream.
I have never met Rik in person, but I have known him online for a few years as he joined as a member of my forum Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale and I was happy to contribute some of my own 1:1 car show photos for his site.
I asked for permission to use Rik's archive for my own enjoyment and to help spread the word and history by blogging right here! He was more than happy to oblige. So from this blog forward, expect to see some of them killer photos and maybe some words to go with them right here on TRaKables!
Thanks Rik!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kustom & Hot Rod Models Magazine

Hey! What the hell are you waiting for ? Christmas??? That's months away and you don't have time to sit around with nothing good to read! Get over to Don Graham's site and buy every issue of this magazine! If you don't buy this magazine, you won't know what you are missing. It's everything people complain is missing from other publications. It's everything that is cool in kustom and hot rod modeling! It's  dedicated to the old school ride! Damnit stop reading this shit and go get your magazines! There is a SALE on them right now, so save some bucks for gas money right now!
Here's what you will find inside! Note that these are not from the above issue #7.
I only had photos of some of my stuff in there :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011


What is that? You might be asking right about now. DILLIGAF is an acronym for "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck". Hey, I am so layed back all of the time and I really don't give a fuck most of the time. I do what I have to do, get where I need to matter what it takes. I figure if I give a fuck, that means I am worrying and worrying about shit sucks! Who needs stress?
Now to the Cruzers part. The Dilligaf Cruzers is an Austrailian car club with alot of members with the same attitude. Tony Burrell and the club wanted to make me an honorary member...the only USA member of their club. I was really taken back by that, I mean a car club wants to honor me from another country? Wow! Man that's aweseome! I accepted the honor and since 2008, I have received Christmas cards with the whole club's signatures and well wishes....AND they had a kustom hat made for me with my name on the back, the Austrailian flag on one side and the American flag on the other. This hat had to have cost $35 US dollars, and I don't take it doesn't grow on trees. I want to thank the club for their friendship and support all the way from Nebraska in the USA!
Here's to you brothers and sisters!

Stude that isn't rude!

I run into this every so often, can't get enough of it. I haven't seen a nicer, more classy kustom of one yet.
KKOA 2008, World Of Wheels and etc..

A hometown '62 Galaxie that makes me feel warm inside

I saw this for the first time at Flashback's Bar and Grill here in Omaha back in 2006. Since then I saw it a couple times at other shows like World Of Wheels. I didn't ever meet the owner, but he did some paint work on the roof and put chrome reverse rims on it before selling it. I found other images on HAMB which he is a member of. I don't know what drew me to this car, but I just love it. It's a Ford, it's a '62 and it's got a kustom vibe.....what could be better? Does anyone know where it sits now?.....I am sure I read AUSTRAILIA.

Photos below here are that I found on HAMB. Above photos are by me.