Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monogram the OMG of all the Rod kits!

I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY gotten a box for my built up! I have asked around for about 4 years now and even remind everyone I am looking for one......just a BOX for this kit. I have seen them sell on ebay and I won't pay $30 plus shipping for a freakin' empty box. Here it is, I just scanned the damn thing and it's online for the FIRST time digitally! It took me over an hour in photoshop to splice the two scans together correctly. This box is too big to fit the scanner glass.
This is the first time I noticed discrepencies in art from a kit box. The slight blur in the image below is exactly how the art on the box looks.....I have seen more clear examples but I am NOT bitching....just an observation.

 This is kit #PC257M-298
Now check this out! The other issue without the advertised electric motor has a slightly different box top and kit numbers. I don't have the other one, but after viewing good photos of it I was able to just "crop" mine and viola! I have a scan of the other kit #PC57-198.

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