Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monogram's Green Hornet

I am getting into the restoration of this puppy and when I thought to check my site for the instructions and the box art of course...(for painting reference), I couldn't believe I never scanned it so here it is!

Update: I have finished the build of this car!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Monogram's Big '55 Cadillac

I wonder where the molds are for this one? I have never seen one in person until now and the car has to be about 1/16 scale! Bigass Caddy! I love the box art and will scan it again sometime in the near future....since this one doesn't look as good as it could.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aurora '39 La Salle Hearse kit no. 553-79 (79 was the price)

I sold this one recently and thought it would be cool to post. It's not the easiest 1/32 scale kit to come across in an "unbuilt" state. The box art is actually the best part in my opinion. Check out the looks on their faces, the art really tells a story about the times. People need to relax more these days.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need to finish

This isn't all of them....but damnit I need to finish some models or this is a pointless waste of time for me!
Ok mental note....Bob, finish these up this year please!

Two brain twisters Monogram 1970's Drag

I have always come to a dead end brain fart when trying to remember the names to either of these kits when discussions arise. I don't know's probably because they are so similar in style and looks of the boxes. In any event, these early 70's kits are still pretty much a TRaKable product that could be shown on Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale forums. They just cut the mark with the parts being borderline 1969-1970 and possibly 1968.
Two things stand out as the 1970's on these in my eyes.
Son of Ford's wheels and tires...fat tires and the star mags were so far ahead of their time! They look like something you could buy today even. With that said, I don't see them as being "tradition" since I doubt hardly anyone had them and those who did weren't running them on streetable hot rods.
The Boss A Bone is a direct descendant of the Monogram Blue Beetle '29 Ford RPU. The differences being wheels, engine options and the BAB has them nerf/bumpers. It's still a desirable kit and even has scuba gear like the Blue Beetle had.
What doesn't cut the traditional standards are the front tires , laker pipes and well....the overall styling is dead on 1970. Remember I am speaking traditon on a TRaK level. Traditonal is really 1965 and older.

TRaKable or one anyways, they are both cool!


This is one of the hardest kits to find and easily one of the most expensive. The hard part is finding one that is complete and restorable or unbuilt. The last mint one I saw sell for $500 on ebay. Ridiculous! I know it's hard to find, but shit ... it's a MODEL KIT! Ok calming down....I know there are "collectors" out there that just jizz all over themselves for these things. I am a builder, so I won't be paying anywhere near that for one.
There are at least two resin casters doing parts of this kit and one is doing the whole kit. They are even over $100.00 and I ain't payin' that much for a freakin' resin kit either. Resin can be nice for certain things, but for a whole kit....heck with that, I need styrene in the mix!
Ode to one of the coolest show rods that still reigns as a traditionaly styled hot rod in my book.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AMT '64 Chevy

Here is the coolest art done for this car IMHO. This kit had seperate headlight lenses from the grille which is a HUGE bonus for appearances. Too bad some didn't realize it when it was available. :-0
Kit #T222-200

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Monogram Little T PC92-170

I just sold this one recently, so I scanned it before it's departure. I don't know about you, but I like this art better than the first issue! (PC92-149)
As always, it's my pleasure to offer digital scans of the rare moldy oldies for the FIRST time EVER online!

Check out the rest of the box and instructions here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Auction June 5th and 9th Ashland, Nebraska

Well I had enough. Check those dates, go to the auction and buy! The stuff had to go and I am glad to have the space now.