Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two brain twisters Monogram 1970's Drag

I have always come to a dead end brain fart when trying to remember the names to either of these kits when discussions arise. I don't know's probably because they are so similar in style and looks of the boxes. In any event, these early 70's kits are still pretty much a TRaKable product that could be shown on Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale forums. They just cut the mark with the parts being borderline 1969-1970 and possibly 1968.
Two things stand out as the 1970's on these in my eyes.
Son of Ford's wheels and tires...fat tires and the star mags were so far ahead of their time! They look like something you could buy today even. With that said, I don't see them as being "tradition" since I doubt hardly anyone had them and those who did weren't running them on streetable hot rods.
The Boss A Bone is a direct descendant of the Monogram Blue Beetle '29 Ford RPU. The differences being wheels, engine options and the BAB has them nerf/bumpers. It's still a desirable kit and even has scuba gear like the Blue Beetle had.
What doesn't cut the traditional standards are the front tires , laker pipes and well....the overall styling is dead on 1970. Remember I am speaking traditon on a TRaK level. Traditonal is really 1965 and older.

TRaKable or one anyways, they are both cool!

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