Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revell 2011 promises

Looks like this year is going to be great at the hobby shops! Well it depends on your could be high prices, but at least some good stuff will be on the shelves! I will be watching ebay for the good deals.
Revell is still on a roll with bringing back cool old kits! Among their 2011 releases are two kits that I just so happen to be looking for. Seriously, I have been looking for both of these kits on ebay and just haven't bought either due to ridiculous prices from "less than smart" sellers. Orange Crate is still pretty well available as it was released not that many years ago and it's so common..yet sellers want $40 or so for it. Tweedy Pie II is pretty easy to find, but to find the original version you have to wait every few days or a few times a month to find one and when there is one, it's not complete, the box is shot or something is wrong and just NOT worth the price they are asking. I wish some sellers would realize a buyer like me isn't going to shell out $60 for a kit if it's less than fair....I need a decent box...some kits I build like the box art and display the build and the box together in photos and in my home. Bad boxes....not too appealing.
Anyway, enough about me!
Check for these two awesome kits by this fall and ask your hobby shop to order them!
Revell Tweedy Pie #85-4922 formerly kit number H1286-198

Revell Orange Crate #85-4939 formerly kit number H1282

It wasn't all that long ago that Rod & Custom magazine did an artile on Tweedy Pie and Rodder's Journal also did an article with some very nice images of Orange Crate. The reference is "out there" if you want to build them. Both kits have awesome parts to rob. *wink*

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