Thursday, May 5, 2011

Refinished finally

This is a side by side of the same dresser. I grew up with this dresser in our home. It was mine when I was little, it was my dad's , then it was mine again in my teens, then it sat in my dad's's been around. When my great grandfather died in 1975, my dad and his sister we given permission to take whatever they wanted from his estate, before my grandmother auctioned it off.  My dad took this dresser, another dresser, couch, chair, ashtray stand and some miscellaneous items. It's all been in my family since then, other than the ashtray stand which my step mother still has. (chaps my hide, we aren't blood and she has stuff like that from my family history) .
 My mom refinished the two dressers in the late 70's , so the left image is what it looked like until a couple months ago. She said it was real dark, almost black before she stripped it. That would be typical of the era and with age. I work at an antique mall and a dealer whom I became friends with did the work on this. His name is Bob Neville from Lincoln, NE.  He buys and refinishes dressers for a hobby to resell them. I admire his work and asked him to do this for me as it's been my goal to get all of the furniture restored from my dad's estate. (all great grandad's stuff) I think he did a beautiful job, it doesn't even look like the same dresser! Fun fact- my wife wanted me to "get rid of that cheap junky dresser, don't put it in my bedroom!".....guess where it sits now....and who uses it!

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