Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am so tired...

Of starting new projects! I just looked at all of the projects I started in the last few years and it just makes me sick. There are 52 and most likely more than that. I know others have much more and I am not alone in this tragedy. When is enough, ENOUGH? I am at my witts end with this problem. I got this way several years ago when I only had 11 models unfinished and decided to make a marathon run to finish them all. I did finish them ALL before starting anything else and it felt great!
What makes it easier , is the fact some of them are almost done and it's merely down to small details or just foil work. It's been one hell of a struggle for me in the last year. I seriously want to build and well finding the time is one thing....I have a family that needs me and well, there is more to life than just models. With that said, I still have to remind that I have plans to build much of the stock I have before it's "my time" idea when that will be, but it's something I want to enjoy while I am here.
I made up my mind to do something. I am going to seriously take a look at my kits and parts and everything else......decide what exactly I believe I will use during this lifetime and the rest is going up for sale! That's it!
My kids will inherit what I have at my departure, but I can't keep all this crap's literally exhausting and depressing to look at.
I remember when I was a kid and had less than 20 models during a certain point and every single one was built. I could not afford to buy kits, so I would take them apart, swap parts and rebuild them just for the satisfaction. Remembering back to that, it makes no sense to have so many models as all it does for me is overwhelm my motivation.

Update: June 1st.
I have made a little progress in this mission. I have sold several kits and still plan to sell some more. There is so much going on , it's overwhelming at times.... I just can't wait until it's over with and we can (my family) get back to normal and enjoy life the way we all should!

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  1. you can always kick some of those unfinished projects my way...just saying.