Wednesday, April 27, 2011

12 spokes please

Here are the best looking 1/25 scale 12 spokes I have ever seen. Wes Campbell frequents a lot of the model shows I go to. I can't say as I "spoke" with him, but we communicate when we see each other. He and his wife and very nice folks. Wes has a talent for machining small parts for model cars. Check some of the most recent model magazines for coverage of his Mini Cooper drag car. He wins awards at every show I see him at, usually BEST OF SHOW and other high awards. It's not just for his amazing machine work, but his attention to detail is unreal! His Cooper has these wheels on the front and well, he must have decided to make some extras and pawn them off around a couple of shows. I bought these off of him right away, they are too cool. The tires are O-Rings...but I am determined to find some skinnies and modify them to fit. I will be putting these to use on a near future project.

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